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I’ve got 2 Quotes for a Video, why is there such a Difference?

When it comes to the subject of pricing, there are numerous factors that are taken into consideration. Every video production company and videographer will have their own unique pricing system. In this blog post we will discuss why pricing is different amongst production companies/videographers and our advice on how to proceed when presented with two different quotes for your video production.

Pricing between production companies and videographers can vary greatly for a number of reasons. Some are more experienced than others or view the value of the work you are asking for either cheaper or more expensive depending on their expertise and the expenses they will incur.

In terms of our recommendations, ensure you research a large variety of production companies and videographers. While doing this, watch their previous work and become familiar with their pricing packages, terms and conditions and reputation. We do advise to select someone who offers flat rates. Ultimately, you need to select who you feel will do the best job for your video production.

So, if you would like to discuss with us more about the differences in quotes and our recommendations, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us at caldwellentertainment.com.au

Caldwell Entertainment is a Gold Coast and Brisbane Video Production Company excelling in the conception, creation and delivery of high quality video content. Our Clients include some of the most recognisable brands both around the world and throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Video Production is one of the most effective marketing tools and we look forward to showing you how it can unleash your Gold Coast or Brisbane Business’ potential. We offer both Live Action and Animation services at our Brisbane and Gold Coast studio. And with prices starting from as little as $180 + GST, there has never been a better time to harness the power of video to grow your Brisbane or Gold Coast business. So get in touch with our team of friendly and professional Gold Coast and Brisbane videographers here at Caldwell Entertainment and let us uncover and showcase your business story through our Video Production.

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