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Bronze Package

Even on our entry level package, CE can deliver a video with the "wow factor" for your website. Bronze is the perfect option for a home page video introducing either your business itself or a new product or service you're offering.

Westfield Helensvale

Price Range: $750 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: Westfield Helensvale needed video and photos of their “Taste, Shop, Play” event to promote it on Social Media.

How We Went About Achieving That: We knew from the get-go our Bronze package would be perfect for this documentary style capture of the photos and videos. Within two hours we could visit all the key areas of the event and get plenty of great stills and footage.

Our Thoughts: We were very satisfied with the end product and felt honoured to be trusted by such a big brand as Westfield with creating some of their marketing material.

Case Study: Westfield Helensvale - Taste, Shop, Play

Matt Bourke

Price Range: $900 + GST approx (inc additional cost for Presenter)

What Client Was Looking For: Matt was after a video that would showcase key features and advantages of his Mini Hydro Vac, which he had just made available for hire.

How We Went About Achieving That: Having worked with Matt for almost 10 year, we knew he wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera, so finding the right presenter was critical. Thankfully, through our network, we managed to find talent who had worked with Super Cheap Auto and other similar brands before. This meant that he was able to employ a presentation tone and style he was familiar with as Super Cheap typically target a similar audience to what Matt was aiming for.

Our Thoughts: We are proud of how this project turned out and the very fast shoot and turnaround we were able to achieve.

Case Study: Matt Bourke - Mini Hydro Vac

Andrew Williams

Price Range: $750 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: Andrew Williams needed a large number of videos completed within a modest budget for his Perth-based law firm.

How We Went About Achieving That: With the volume of videos needing to be turned around in a relatively quick timeframe and for a modest budget, we decided to invest in template-based animation software. Although we custom design all our hand-drawn and motion graphics animations found in our Silver, Gold and Custom packages, the template solution has proven popular with clients looking for animation on a budget.

Our Thoughts: Very happy with how these videos have turned out and the fact that this avenue has opened up animation for a number of clients that previously may have been unable to pursue that direction.

Case Study: Andrew Williams Criminal Lawyer - Reckless and Dangerous Driving