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Bronze Package

Even on our entry level package, CE can deliver a video with the "wow factor" for your website. Bronze is the perfect option for a home page video introducing either your business itself or a new product or service you're offering.

GC Hospital

Price Range: $490

What Client Was Looking For: Gold Coast Hospital Foundation wanted to showcase Peggy’s story of her grandson who had been in a motorbike accident. The video was to be featured at their annual gala ball fundraiser. They needed something emotive and moving.

How We Went About Achieving That: Choice of music and photos used were critical, we were deliberate in picking heartfelt moments and imagery, but avoiding anything too gruesome or that may be seen as sensationalist or an invasion into privacy.

Our Thoughts: We are very proud of this project as it’s contributed to helping families through a difficult time. We are honoured to know we have contributed something and our work has enriched lives.

Client Thoughts: "Love this" - Simon Flowerdew.

Case Study: GC Hospital Foundation

Virtual Mgr

Price Range: $490

What Client Was Looking For: Virtual Mgr needed a video promoting their new Policy Compliance App.

How We Went About Achieving That: Being a tech company needing to explain the benefits of their app, motion graphics animation was the clear choice for it’s low cost and visual simplicity.

Our Thoughts: We’re big believers in motion graphics animation because it allows more complex topics (or, for some people, scary ones such as technology) to be explored and explained through simple, easy to understand imagery.

Client Thoughts: "Vid looks great! Wow" - Tom Walker.

Case Study: Virtual Mgr

KD Sports

Price Range: $490

What Client Was Looking For: KD sports wanted to promote all the features of their new bowling machine product, the Burner Pro Bowling Machine.

How We Went About Achieving That: We decided to show the product in real world situations and how it can be used - this could only be achieved through video.

Our Thoughts: We were happy with the end result and although this video was filmed in 2015, the client continues using it to promote their product.

Client Thoughts: "I’m very happy with the video" - Josh Hoare.

"Looks great" - Michael Dudgeon.

Case Study: KD Sports Burner Pro