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Silver Package

Our mid-tier package gives your CE production a high budget look at an affordable price. Whether you want to go with animation or live action, Silver is a popular option for in-store content, pitch videos and explainers.

ALA - Basic Dog Training

Price Range: $1400 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: Australian Labradoodle Association wanted a series of educational videos that could be supplied to new dog owners.

How We Went About Achieving That: When dealing with animals, you can’t always predict what would happen, so a 2-Camera Setup was critical. At CE, we are able to facilitate multi-cam setups with ease as we have all the equipment for it in-house. This 2-Camera Setup is also beneficial for educational content generally as one camera can be close up on what the presenter is demonstrating.

Our Thoughts: We were very happy with the final approx 7 videos.

Case Study: ALA - Basic Dog Training - Educational Video

Nobul - Our Approach

Price Range: $1400 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: Nobul wanted a short, easy-to-understand video that would convey their unique approach to recruitment.

How We Went About Achieving That: Motion Graphics is one of the most effective tools in video production for explaining the benefits of a company, product or service. All of our motion graphics projects are custom designed - no templates - so you know you’ll be getting a product that fits with your company branding.

Our Thoughts: We were thrilled with the final video for Nobul, it has some very cool motion graphics work included that gets close to the look of hand-drawn at a much lesser price.

Case Study: Nobul - Our Approach (Recruitment Without The Bull) - Promo

United Disability Care

Price Range: $1400 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: When United Disability Care (UDC) sent several of their clients to iFly for the day, they wanted a video that would showcase the highlights of the day.

How We Went About Achieving That: UDC do such great work supporting the most vulnerable people and their carers that we wanted to support them as much as possible. To that end, when we ended up capturing such a large amount of good footage, we decided to make two different videos, each with distinct music, to really demonstrate how much the activity meant to UDC clients.

Our Thoughts: We really love the videos we created for UDC, it is a project that we won’t forget for a long time.

Case Study: United Disability Care - iFly - Event Video