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Capturing a live gig - Gold Coast Videographers

Musicians, have you got a killer live gig coming up? Have you considered recording it? For new artists or bands that are just starting out in the industry and simply do not have the budget for a full scale music video, live capture of your concerts could be the way to go. This low cost form of production has seen many artists and bands able to release basic music videos. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your live performance prowess.

The live video is a classic form of production for many reasons. It does not require elaborate planning and is a great alternative to the traditional music video. But most importantly, for many new artists, it is lowest cost option available to you. The live capture of your concert means that a majority of the additional costs associated with a music video shoot are minimised. There is no need to budget for multiple locations, actors, special effects etc. It also means that you are able to use this footage as a music video if you wish. Don’t let the fact that it is a live video and not shot on location or in a studio discourage you from using the footage. It will look great and is such an exciting video to film. The audience interaction that you or your band has with the audience makes for an engaging and exhilarating performance and video. It is always amazing to see the impact that the audience has on you or your band live but capturing it and putting it into your music video is even better!

CE is a full service gold coast videography production company, where our live capture services for musicians start from an affordable $490. We produce the highest quality live concert recordings for the greatest value. From start to finish, we work closely alongside you to execute your vision for the video/s. We have got everything covered with our cameras shooting in stunning full HD with excellent sound quality.

Caldwell Entertainment is a creative and innovative video production company Brisbane and Gold Coast, specialising in music and other entertainment videos. With a range of packages, starting from just $490, especially designed music and other artists, we have the solutions and experience to ensure you have success generating video content no matter what type of video you are after. Whatever your questions, we have the answers, so feel free to get in touch. We love sharing our passion and helping fellow creatives through video!

Are you currently living in Gold Coast? We are professional gold coast videographers. We can make your testimonial video appealing.

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