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Moments reinvents vlogging (Video Blogging) for small businesses, making it fun, easy and affordable. Moments gives you 2 videos per month - either live action (someone talking to camera) or animation (graphics on screen). It takes less than an hour and we help you through the entire process. We can come to you or you can even tell us over the phone what needs to be included.

What can I do with Moments?

Moments gives your business the video content to satisfy the growing need for Social Media & SEO. It can be used to keep your customers informed about new products or services you are offering. You can also notify them of changes in your business as well as upcoming events they may be interested in. Furthermore, you can use it for simple tips and tricks or showcasing a more fun side to your business/team.

Moments is designed to be used on your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and can also be embedded onto your website.

What style of video is available in Moments?

In Moments, you choose (and we can help) the style of video that best suits your business. For most industries, we recommend Animation as it's very popular with viewers and differs from the live action that most companies use.

If you’re in an industry (such as real estate, medicine, psychology or law) where personal relationships and trust is essential, Live Action may be the better option for you.

What is the cost of Moments?

Moments: $270 + GST per month


Aussie Home Loans

With a constantly changing marketplace, Moments has been perfect for Aussie Home Loans. It enables them to regularly update their current and potential future clients on upcoming opportunities or events they could be talking advantage of.

Case Study: Aussie Home Loans

Collective Family Law

Family Law matters can be complex and Moments afforded Caralee and her team the ability to answer commonly asked questions or broadly discuss circumstances they may have encountered in the last month.

Case Study: Collective Family Law

Ignition Accountants

Moments has been a winner for Ignition Accountants as there are always things to discuss in the world of finance. With the service, Mick has a reason to keep in touch with potential clients (thanks to the tips he gives in his Moments videos) and has even won some new clients meaning Moments has well and truly paid for itself.

Case Study: Ignition Accountants