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Custom Package

CE's custom service puts square (production) pegs into round (content) holes, with the option to scale works specifically to client wants and needs.

Price Guide: $3,000 or more  + GST

* Price will vary, depending on the project requirements

Qoin TV Commercial

Price Range: $15,000 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: Qoin needed a TV Commercial turned around fast for Christmas 2020.

How We Went About Achieving That: With only weeks to turn the ad around, we had to use all our skills (and can-do attitude) as a full service production company to pull this one off. But within a fortnight we had booked the location, all cast and crew and completed the script. The ad was finalised about a week after filming and sent off to Nine for broadcast.

Our Thoughts: This project was great proof of what can be achieved in limited time. We are proud it turned out as well as it did and seeing the Commercial go to air during such major events as the National Christmas Carols provided a real ‘icing on the cake’.

Case Study: Qoin - TV Commercial - 30 Second Version

Wildernis Cafe & Bar

Price Range: $5000 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: Wildernis Cafe + Bar needed a video to promote their new and improved menu and soft-launch the cafe’s marketing.

How We Went About Achieving That: Right from early on Josh & Andy (Wildernis owners) knew they wanted to feature kids running the cafe for their marketing. We liked that idea and built it into what you see in this video. For this first promo, we wanted to ensure you’re introduced to all the characters and understand the dynamics of their relationship. From here, animations and other live action videos can be made for Wildernis using either all or just some of the kids from this video.

Our Thoughts: It was great fun working with such a unique concept and it seems audiences appreciate it.

Case Study: Wildernis Cafe & Bar

Lauxes Grates - NXT

Price Range: $4000 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: When Lauxes Grates were launching their new line-up of grates, they came to us for the product reveal videos.

How We Went About Achieving That: We knew the video needed to be slick and stylish, so one of the first things we did was prepare for a studio shoot. This allowed us to entirely control the lighting so the products looked their best and with the studio being green screen this enabled us the ability to alter backgrounds so Lauxes could repurpose the footage for future usage if they wanted.

Our Thoughts: We were wrapt with the great response this video got at launch events around the country.

Case Study: Lauxes Grates - NXT Generation - Product Reveal