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Gold Package

With CE Gold, your project is guaranteed to have production values that will make jaws drop! Gold is the best option for quality TV or Cinema Advertising on a budget.

St. Michael's College

Price Range: $1700

What Client Was Looking For: St Michaels were in the process of building a new website and were looking to get up to date with more video content. In particular, they wanted a video tour of the school so that their resources and facilities could be showcased.

How We Went About Achieving That: We looked at content that had been created for other private schools and crafted something we felt would put St Michaels ahead of the others. Some had used drones or shown an empty school, but we wanted to show the life and energy at St Michaels by featuring students both at work and play in every shot.

Our Thoughts: Our team is very proud of the end result. The use of slow motion, a unique transitioning method and people in activity make for a more engaging viewing experience than simple shots of each room.

Client Thoughts: "Great quality video, very professional and easy to work with" - Ben Edwards.

Case Study: St. Michael's College

Dead Ted

Price Range: $1700

What Client Was Looking For: The Dead Ted team were looking for a video to both get their message out there and garner some financial support.

How We Went About Achieving That: Because Dead Ted’s aim is to encourage youth to express themselves through drawing, animation was clearly the way to go. We decided to tell the story of how Dead Ted came to be through the real life, emotional story of founders Sam & Julie.

Our Thoughts: This was a project we identified with straight away as we believe artistic expression to be a great curer of personal issues. We were encouraged by the huge amount of media interest in the project.

Client Thoughts: "Thankyou for all your help" - Julie Hazell.

Case Study: Dead Ted


Price Range: $1700 + studio hire

What Client Was Looking For: Paul needed an educational series of videos for his business Amoci as well as a general overview & testimonial video for another of his businesses, Relax-A-Back.

How We Went About Achieving That: We secured Paul a day in studio and on set for all his training videos. The green screen studio environment meant we could put whatever background and images were needed behind Paul as he explained the various topics.

Our Thoughts: We’ve done a few series of videos for businesses needing to get training/instructional/educational material out there. Another one of these series that we’ve done to check out would be Armstrong Real Estate which can be seen on our Vimeo page.

Client Thoughts: "Working with Steve and his young team was a breath of fresh air. The amount of time Steve spent in making sure I was happy with the results of our project was really surprising to me as I expected for such a great price to be given much less dedication. I will be getting all of my future filming work done by Caldwell Entertainment and recommending them to whoever I can" - Paul Cook.

Case Study: Relax-A-Back