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Gold Package

With CE Gold, your project is guaranteed to have production values that will make jaws drop! Gold is the best option for quality TV or Cinema Advertising on a budget.

Natural Elements

Price Range: $2500 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: The builders of Natural Elements were wanting a video to show off their newly completed construction project.

How We Went About Achieving That: When the builders started talking about filming with the centre themselves and the landscaper, they quickly discovered both of those businesses wanted a video as well, so going thirds in the video cost enabled all three businesses to get a video focused on each of their offerings at a fraction of the cost if they were to go it alone. So we facilitated the full day shoot, ensuring we focused on unique elements and components of the project that would be more specific to each business, we animated each of their logos and where appropriate included interviews and testimonials.

Our Thoughts: It was terrific to see each business happy with how custom-made each video was for them, even though it was all filmed on the same day.

Case Study: Natural Elements - Early Learning - Promo

Jade Equipment Finance

Price Range: $2500 + GST approx

What Client Was Looking For: Jade Finance were looking for a series of animated videos to highlight each of the areas for which they offer loans.

How We Went About Achieving That: To keep costs down and turn the project around faster, we identified which of their products were the main showcase ones and completed custom hand drawn animations (like what you see here) for those. For the smaller products and service offerings, we used template style animation (like what can be seen under our Bronze package). This approach enabled them to get these videos on the website faster and lowered the overall cost of the total project with multiple videos)

Our Thoughts: We are very happy with how all the Jade videos turned out, we especially like the custom, hand-drawn animations as these have more a more unique look and feel between each topic, product or service.

Case Study: Jade Equipment Finance - Business Loans - Explainer Video