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Video Trend

Video has forever changed the landscape of what we do online and how Brisbane and Gold Coast business leaders market their brands and products or services. The way video is implemented is constantly changing and evolving to take advantage of new technologies, and the current trends of social media and SEO algorithms. 

2020 is looking to take video even further as Facebook is expected to become even more video focused - just look at the emphasis on features such as Facebook Live. So what’s currently trending in the world of video and how can the Caldwell Entertainment (CE) team help with your Brisbane and Gold Coast business video marketing? 

Live Videos: 

As mentioned, live streaming services are growing in popularity on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media channels. Research indicates that live streaming encourages more audience engagement and can retain viewers longer than prerecorded video. Although you can do some of this yourself through a smartphone, if you’ve got an important event, presentation or product launch you’d like to live stream - we can give it that real professional edge. 

Video Subtitles: 

Due to the overwhelming amount of video content released daily on Social Media, it has made it challenging for some Gold Coast and Brisbane video marketing teams to get people to stop and engage with a video. Not us! 

We recognise you need to capture attention, and you need to do it fast! 

To increase the likelihood of someone engaging with a video while scrolling through their feed, we can generate subtitles on videos that automatically play in a social media newsfeed BEFORE the viewer actually clicks on the video.

This service of ours will help to create interest in your content before the potential viewer has had to make any commitment to watching. Expect to see this trend get even more prominent throughout the year. 

1:1 aspect ratios: 

Given the ease of shooting videos with smartphones, apps such as Instagram and Facebook have made uploading videos shot at a 1:1 (square) aspect ratio quite inviting. 

At CE, we can shoot your Brisbane or Gold Coast video production in this aspect ratio or re-edit pre-existing content you already have. 

This is a popular trend as sharing a 1:1 (square) video can make it easy for companies to stay in contact with people through social media apps more seamlessly. Whether it’s to advertise, reach out, or simply offer customer service, 1:1 video is quickly becoming a trend that many are looking to jump in on. 

Video Seminars/Classes: 

With websites and services like Skillshare, Masterclass, and even YouTube, people are seeing the benefits of online video classes and tutorials. This has helped to teach staff and/or potential customers about your product or service saving hours in on-phone or in-person education.

We have already made a lot of this content for many Brisbane and Gold Coast businesses and expect to do even more video tutorials in 2020. 

At CE, we always keep up to date with the latest video trends and understand the trajectory for where video content is heading in the future. We are able to provide clients with many options that cover specific video needs and meet current trend requirements.

Whether it’s Live Videos, Subtitles, Aspect Ratios for social, or Educational Video Series coverage, we are here to provide our video services and expertise. For more information on what we can do to elevate your brand or service taking advantage of the latest trends, get in touch with the team at CE today! 

Caldwell Entertainment is a leader in Video Production throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our award-winning content is creative, innovative and unique. We are proud of our values, including operating with integrity, honesty and commitment to our clients and the work we do.

We believe video should be accessible to all businesses and artists within Queensland and Australia. As such, we offer affordable, value-driven production packages, starting with Moments at $177. We are passionate about our business and keen to discover how we can grow yours through what we do.

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