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As technology and user habits evolve, so do the ways we consume content. One significant shift in recent years is the rise of vertical videos on social media platforms. With their mobile-friendly format and high engagement rates, these videos have become an essential tool for businesses looking to connect with their audiences in a meaningful way.

The Rise of Vertical Videos: A Shift from Horizontal Formats

Traditionally, we've been accustomed to watching videos horizontally - think television screens and movie theaters. However, as people increasingly consume content on mobile devices, upright videos are becoming more prevalent. These videos, which are taller than they are wide, are perfectly suited for viewing on smartphones and tablets.

This shift towards upright videos is more than just a trend - it's a reflection of changing consumer behaviors. According to a study by MediaBrix, vertical videos are viewed up to nine times more than horizontal videos. They also boast a 90% greater completion rate, suggesting that viewers are not only more likely to start watching vertical content but also more likely to finish it.

The Impact of Vertical Videos on Social Media

Social media has played a significant role in the rise of vertical content, especially videos. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have become fertile ground for vertical content, thanks to their mobile-first approach.

Buffer, a leading social media management platform, conducted a study revealing some striking statistics about these videos. Their research found that vertical content had 6% more views for the first three seconds and a staggering 187% more views for at least half the video compared to horizontal ones. 

Furthermore, video posts on Facebook received at least 50% more engagement than other post types. These statistics underscore the immense potential of upright videos on social media. Not only do they grab attention more effectively, but they also encourage more engagement, making them a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with their audiences.

Crafting Successful Vertical Videos: Key Elements

Creating vertical content that stands out and engages viewers requires a thoughtful approach and an understanding of several key elements. Here's a comprehensive look at what goes into making successful videos for social media.

In today's fast-paced digital world, attention spans are shorter than ever. This means your videos need to be concise and to the point. Ideally, your videos should be no longer than a minute - the quicker you can deliver your message, the higher the chances of retaining viewer attention.

Stories have a unique way of resonating with people. They evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and create a sense of connection. This is why storytelling should be at the heart of your videos. Whether it's a sneak peek into a new product release or behind-the-scenes footage, a well-told story can captivate your audience and make your brand more relatable.

An interesting trend among mobile viewers is that many watch videos on mute. This could be because they're in a public place or simply prefer to read rather than listen. This makes subtitles an essential component of your video. By providing subtitles, you cater to viewer preferences and enhance understanding of your content.

Visual appeal plays a crucial role in viewer engagement. High-quality visuals attract attention and reinforce the perception of your brand's quality. Therefore, ensure your visuals are of high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Whether showcasing your products or sharing customer stories, make sure your visuals are visually appealing.

Every video should end with a compelling call to action (CTA). This could be an invitation to sign up for an exclusive sale, a prompt to visit your website, or a request to share your video. A well-crafted CTA can drive viewer engagement and conversion, making it a vital component of your video.

Incorporating Branding into Vertical Videos

Upright videos offer a unique opportunity for branding. With the right strategy, they can enhance brand visibility, engagement, and recall. Here are some ways to incorporate branding into your videos.

Include Your Brand Logo and Colors

Your brand logo and colors are key elements of your brand identity. Including them in your videos helps reinforce this identity and makes your content instantly recognizable. Whether it's a subtle logo in the corner of the screen or a bold splash of your brand color, these visual elements can significantly enhance your branding.

Maintain Consistent Messaging

Consistency is a key principle in branding. Your videos should align with your overall brand message and values. This consistency in messaging across all platforms enhances brand recall and strengthens your brand image. Whether promoting a product or telling a customer story, ensure your messaging is consistent with your brand.

Showcase Authenticity

Authenticity resonates with today's audiences. People want to connect with real people and real stories. Therefore, showcase authenticity in your videos. This could mean featuring real customers, sharing behind-the-scenes footage, or discussing your company's journey. Authentic content can build trust, foster connection, and make your brand more relatable.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Vertical Videos

With their superior performance stats and increasing popularity, vertical or upright videos are not just a trend - they are here to stay. As more people consume content on their mobile devices, the demand for such videos will continue to grow. Businesses that adapt to this shift and incorporate vertical content into their marketing strategy will gain a competitive edge.

One trend to watch is the rise of short-form videos. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels have popularized this format, which typically involves videos of 15 seconds or less. These bite-sized videos are perfect for capturing viewer attention and delivering concise, engaging content.

Another trend is the use of these videos in advertising. With their high engagement rates and completion rates, these videos offer an effective way for businesses to reach their target audiences. Expect to see more businesses leveraging vertical visual ads to promote their products and services.

Partnering with the Right Production Company

Creating impactful videos requires expertise and resources. If you're looking to create a vertical video for your business, consider partnering with a professional production company. They can provide the necessary equipment, technical skills, and creative input to produce high-quality videos that resonate with your audience.

Before choosing a production company, do your research. Look at their portfolio to see if their style aligns with your brand. Ask about their experience with such videos and social media content. And don't forget to discuss your goals and expectations to ensure they can deliver what you're looking for.


In conclusion, vertical content offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses to connect with their audiences in a more engaging and effective way. By understanding the key elements of successful videos and implementing a strategic approach, you can harness the power of this format to boost your social media presence and grow your business. 

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