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Behind The Scenes - Part 1 - Colour Grading

There’s a lot of elements that go into telling a clients story. You see the filming and the finished product, but not all the before, during and after steps. So, we wanted to do a series to take you behind the scenes of all the elements you don’t really see.

This month, we’re looking at color grading.

Not all footage looks incredible straight out of the camera. In fact, more often than not, the image requires a lot of work to get it looking it’s best. While lighting, set design, camera technologies, etc are all crucial for achieving a great looking video, color grading is the point at which your video gets its specific look and feel.

Every client is unique, as is the message they are wanting to get across. It’s important that these are presented clearly in the video itself, and color grading allows us to subliminally create a specific mood and tone to help bring the audience into the story you’re telling.

For example, colour temperature can instantly have a direct effect on the mood you’re hoping to set. A cooler tone is often used for a more natural, serious, or action-driven narrative. While warmer temperatures are often best suited for happy, loving, and “feel good” messages. There are of course exceptions to this, and rules can certainly be broken for creative purposes, but generally, this is what colour temperatures can do for a video subconsciously.

We also consider what type of content your video contains before setting a tone within the colour grade. We don’t want to just mimic a look of a popular viral video. Colour grading is meant to enhance the story that YOU are telling, and as such, it should be specifically catered to the needs of that specific audience.

At CE, our team will discuss with you the message of your video and use our best creative judgment to set a tone within the colour grade that everyone is happy with. Telling a story visually requires many things working together, and colour grading is just one piece of a larger puzzle.

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