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Why You Should Reconsider TV/Cinema Advertising

With everyone going online these days, why bother with TV/Cinema advertising? In this blog, we’ll be exploring the benefits of this more traditional medium as well as correcting some of the myths surrounding it. So, let’s get started:

Reason 1: Audience is more engaged. Online, it’s easy for a viewer to ignore your video whereas with TV, and especially with Cinema, the audience basically has to watch your commercial so they don’t miss the program.

Reason 2: Less competition. With many businesses spending more money online, this means there’s less businesses competing for those TV & Cinema slots and therefore, less noise from others when promoting your business.

Reason 3: Not that expensive. Contrary to popular belief, TV & Cinema Advertising costs are quite affordable, especially now given that, as stated above, many advertisers are focused almost exclusively online.

When we mention Cinema or TV advertising to our clients, it’s usually not something they have thought of. However, once they are aware of the advantages and some of the myths are viewed more correctly, it’s something they become more interested in and sometimes go ahead with.

At Caldwell Entertainment, we have created TV & Cinema ads for a range of clients including McMillan Criminal Law & McLaughlins Lawyers.

If you haven’t thought of TV or Cinema Advertising or have thought about it but are still not sure, please get in contact with our team who would be happy to answer any questions you might have and guide you in the right direction.

Caldwell Entertainment is a creative and innovative video production company, based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, specialising in corporate and entertainment videos. With a range of packages, starting from just $490, especially designed for small to medium businesses and entertainment artists, we have the solutions and experience to ensure you have success generating video content no matter what type of video you go with. Whatever your questions, we have the answers, so feel free to get in touch. We love sharing our passion and helping others through video!

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Posted on: 2017-01-27

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