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What are the Different Types of Animation?

When it comes to Brisbane and Gold Coast video production, the term Animated Video tends to be used fairly loosely and has therefore been interpreted to mean a variety of different things. There are 4 general types of video animation which are template, motion graphics, hand drawn and 3D computer generated. At Caldwell Entertainment, we provide all these services. Let's explore each type of these options in more detail.

 If keeping cost low for your next Gold Coast or Brisbane Animated Video Production is most critical, Template is the way to go. Templated Animation projects use pre-created characters, backgrounds and other assets to keep workloads and hence costs, as minimal as possible. Templated Brisbane or Gold Coast Animated Videos are a great option for businesses who are starting out on a tight budget or for more established companies just wanting to dip their toes into the world of animation.

 The second type of Brisbane or Gold Coast animation we offer is Motion Graphics. This popular style uses moving graphical elements and text to convey information. It is great for explaining subjects that might be quite complex or technical such as those that may be discussed in industries including technology and finance. Motion Graphic Animations are a great middle ground for many things and are highly sought after thanks to their modern, clean aesthetic.

 Hand Drawn Animation incorporates the traditional process of drawing basically everything you see by hand. For the most demanding projects, each frame (25 in a second) is designed by hand. Think classic animated Disney movies or Warner Bros cartoons to get a good idea. As we’re sure you recognise, for the most customised Gold Coast or Brisbane Animated Business Video, Hand Drawn is the way to go.

Finally, if you want something a bit more unique compared to most Gold Coast or Brisbane animation projects, you may want to consider 3D Computer Generated content. This is the process where characters and scenery are all digitally created and brought to life. While this look is loved, demand for it is low given its expense. 

 If you’d like to learn more about the various types of animation and which method would be most suitable for your next Gold Coast or Brisbane video production, please get in touch with us at caldwellentertainment.com.au. 

Caldwell Entertainment is a Gold Coast and Brisbane Video Production Company excelling in the conception, creation and delivery of high quality video content. Our Clients include some of the most recognisable brands both around the world and throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Video Production is one of the most effective marketing tools and we look forward to showing you how it can unleash your Gold Coast or Brisbane Business’ potential. We offer both Live Action and Animation services at our Brisbane and Gold Coast studio. And with prices starting from as little as $180 + GST, there has never been a better time to harness the power of video to grow your Brisbane or Gold Coast business. So get in touch with our team of friendly and professional Gold Coast and Brisbane videographers here at Caldwell Entertainment and let us uncover and showcase your business story through our Video Production.

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