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Video Marketing and LinkedIn

You may ask, what exactly is LinkedIn and what can it offer my business? Well, firstly it is important to understand that this site is not simply a social network for business users but rather is a global online network of influential people. Simply put, LinkedIn advertising reaches out exclusively to the key decision makers of a company and there are over eight million of these people on the site. LinkedIn delivers on providing a new audience and opportunities for you as it offers results that can profitably affect your business’ bottom line. The audience that LinkedIn offers is unique to other social platforms. LinkedIn allows you to target a highly engaged, professional audience that was previously difficult to reach. As it continues to develop, it is expected that this platform will continue to provide marketers a variety of ways to reach your extremely desired target market, without ultimately disrupting the consumer’s experience.

Videos on LinkedIn differ greatly from marketing videos seen on other social media sites. As mentioned before, these videos can speak to the key decision makers of the company you are targeting your product and/or service toward. This content is therefore more effective at driving leads and if you are looking for more of a corporate audience. You should make the most of LinkedIn’s targeting platform by selecting relevant job functions and users that are the most likely to have interest in your company’s products and/or services. Your video(s) should be interesting and maintain the viewer’s attention. LinkedIn groups are a great way to capture your audience as they offer a platform for discussion on topics that are relevant to your business, and more importantly, contain your targeted audience. Much like Facebook groups and Twitter hashtags, these groups give you the opportunity to identify users who share your brands similar interests and in the future could potentially become clients, vendors, or helpful connections.

Video advertising on LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity for you to showcase your business, and what better way to do that than through testimonials. You can film the testimonials and upload them to your page and further enhance your company’s message. We are here to help you with any video needs that you require, including filming of such testimonials. All content created by us is mastered in full HD meaning that your videos will look incredible. Our team are able to encode and embed your content to be viewed through LinkedIn on any device.

Caldwell Entertainment is a creative and innovative video production company Brisbane and the Gold Coast, specialising in corporate and entertainment videos. With a range of packages, starting from just $490, especially designed for small to medium businesses and entertainment artists, we have the solutions and experience to ensure you have success generating video content no matter what type of video you go with. Whatever your questions, we have the answers, so feel free to get in touch. We love sharing our passion and helping others through Gold Coast animated video!

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