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Capturing Awesome Testimonials

In business today, testimonials can be critical. They give social proof that your product or service is of value and worth consideration at least. It’s important though to make sure these are captured well as a poor testimonial can be more harmful than no testimonial. Here are some tips to ensure you get great testimonials that can only help you and your business.

  1. Use real customers. If it’s an actor giving a testimonial it will do more harm than good as people could think you don’t have anyone who will talk positively on you and have to pay someone to do so - it simply comes across as fake. It doesn’t matter if they’re not the best speakers in the world, genuine words from real people will be trusted and believable.
  2. Make sure they’re very positive. Having a video of someone saying your product or service was “ok” or “pretty good” is no good. Again, potential customers could be lead to think this is the best that’s been said about you, and it’s only very average.
  3. Have them be specific. Did you save them money? Are they less stressed? Try and get particular info, rather than generalities, from them.
  4. Only the best. While you can, and should if possible, collect a lot of testimonials, only post the most powerful ones. It’s better to have 3 fantastic ones only rather than 3 fantastic and 17 average. This is because you run the risk that the viewer will click first on one of the more average ones, loose interest and miss the great ones.
  5. Let them know. Tell customers why you’re filming them and how it will be used, the more they are feeling relaxed and confident, the better the testimonial they will provide.

As always, if you’re looking to capture testimonial video in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, call a production company, such as Caldwell Entertainment, that has done a number of them. An experienced team will have a better chance of securing a winning testimonial, than someone having a try with their smartphone.

Caldwell Entertainment is a creative and innovative video production company, based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, specialising in corporate and entertainment videos. With a range of packages, starting from just $490, especially designed for small to medium businesses and entertainment artists, we have the solutions and experience to ensure you have success generating video content no matter what type of video you go with. Whatever your questions, we have the answers, so feel free to get in touch. We love sharing our passion and helping others through video!

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