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What are the Current and Future Requirements for Video?

Many of our clients report that when talking to other Gold Coast or Brisbane video production companies, they have been bamboozled with questions about frame rates, resolutions, aspect ratios etc. Although we understand these terms and their meanings very well, we don’t want to confuse clients or put pressure on them to make decisions about formats or settings they may not fully grasp. Rather, we ask questions about where the video is going or what other videos the client likes. We then determine the best technical solutions that will provide the optimal outcome.

So, the best way to achieve a Gold Coast or Brisbane corporate video production that will get your business results without being bamboozled, is to get in touch with a few links to other work you like and let’s get the ball rolling today.

However, for those who are interested, we have included some general notes on those tech terms below. Please note this information is correct as of time of writing (June 2021) but may change. Again, please don’t hesitate to contact us for the most up to date information.

Regarding resolution, the general standard for video currently is 1080p or Full HD. This remains the best resolution for online use as 4K and above can stutter on slower internet speeds. For TV, 1080p remains the best resolution to master in as this is the highest resolution that is currently broadcast in Australia. 4K capture and mastering of your Gold Coast or Brisbane video production is great for cinema and future proofing your content as we can export a 4K video in both 1080p, to meet current online requirements, and 4K, the likely future standard. Our Moments packages are mastered primarily in 1080p as these are intended for short term online exposure. All other video production packages we offer (apart from some animation) are mastered in 4K so they can be used now and well into the future.

As for frame rates, we target 25 frames per second as this is the Australian standard and gives you the option to maneuver between cinema, online and TV. Other elements to consider for future videos are subtitles and dimensions/aspect ratios. Subtitles are becoming more popular online, especially for content that is used on social media. To implement subtitles on your Gold Coast or Brisbane video production, many Social Media platforms will allow you to use their free tools that automatically creates the subtitling for you. These have approximately a 90% accuracy rate, depending on the platform. Alternatively, we can create them for you at an additional charge with a 99% accuracy rate. Different Dimensions or Aspect Ratios for video are something we are getting increasingly more requests for. The most popular unique dimension is the vertical  square look that is heavily associated with social media use. Here at Caldwell Entertainment, we can provide both the vertical square and standard widescreen dimensions of the same video at no extra cost.

 If you’d like to learn more about the current and future requirements for video production, please feel free to contact us at caldwellentertainment.com.au. 

Caldwell Entertainment is a Gold Coast and Brisbane Video Production Company excelling in the conception, creation and delivery of high quality video content. Our Clients include some of the most recognisable brands both around the world and throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Video Production is one of the most effective marketing tools and we look forward to showing you how it can unleash your Gold Coast or Brisbane Business’ potential. We offer both Live Action and Animation services at our Brisbane and Gold Coast studio. And with prices starting from as little as $180 + GST, there has never been a better time to harness the power of video to grow your Brisbane or Gold Coast business. So get in touch with our team of friendly and professional Gold Coast and Brisbane videographers here at Caldwell Entertainment and let us uncover and showcase your business story through our Video Production.

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