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Transition to 4K

This year, we’re excited to make the move over to 4K Cinema Cameras and 4K Post Production Suites. As a team ahead of the curve, we will be one of the first production companies in Queensland to offer a complete 4K workflow. And we’ve already begun this transition with adding a new 4K drone to our filmmaking arsenal.

At the moment 4K isn’t essential with internet speeds not able to cope with the high resolution just yet. Also, viewing devices themselves, whether it be tablets, smartphones or even computers, often don’t have a high enough resolution screen or internal power to display 4K. As such, we will offer a 1080P output and a 4K output of your project so the work we do for you not only works great with current standards, but is future-proofed!

2018 is a big year for our company and clients, join us as we take these next steps into a crisper, more colourful new world!

Caldwell Entertainment is one of the leaders in Video Production throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. CE prides itself on creativity, innovation and integrity. We believe video is one of the greatest communication tools ever invented, and we strive to provide unique, yet affordable, production solutions to our clients. We offer a range of packages, starting with Moments at an entry level price point of $97, which are especially designed for small to medium sized businesses. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure you get a video that delivers when it comes to results for your business!

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