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Silver Package

Our mid-tier package gives your CE production a high budget look at an affordable price. Whether you want to go with animation or live action, Silver is a popular option for in-store content, pitch videos and explainers.

AC Fitouts

Price Range: $900 approx

What Client Was Looking For: AC-Fitouts wanted a video that would showcase their skills and past work in fit-out builds and maintenance. How We Went About Achieving That: We used a blend of on-site footage and photos of completed spaces to demonstrate their abilities.

Our Thoughts: We were very happy with the end product. Using techniques such as parallaxing on some of the photos added something quite unique to look of what could have been a fairly standard corporate video.

Client Thoughts: "I really appreciate all of your wonderful work in putting the video together. You have fantastic ideas and made the process very easy for us" - Melissa Airey.

Case Study: AC Fitouts

Promotional Drink Coasters

Price Range: $900

What Client Was Looking For: Bob and the team at Promotional Drink Coasters were wanting a video that explains their product & service and gives a "behind the curtain" peek at their operations.

How We Went About Achieving That: Mostly live action with a touch of motion graphics animation was the way to go for this project. We were also careful to ensure we captured many shots showcasing the creation of their product.

Our Thoughts: We always try to think of how we can tell a businesses or artists story in the best way possible - this project is a great demonstration of how live action and motion graphics animation can be used together to achieve just that.

Client Thoughts: "Increased our business by 30%" - Bob Slade.

Case Study: Promotional Drink Coasters

The Drain Check

Price Range: $900 approx

What Client Was Looking For: The Drain Check team were needing an online video to explain the processes involved in their work.

How We Went About Achieving That: Because Matt & the team were a little camera shy and this video needed to have a lot of explanation, we secured a professional actor & host so there was a confidence in the way the content was presented.

Our Thoughts: Client’s comfort is important to us, so we have a range of presenters and actors we can call on if standing in front of the camera is a little too much. However, we will also advise if we think it’s really important for you to do the presenting (for an example, a video about your history can’t really be discussed by someone else) and will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Client Thoughts: Matt & his team have done many projects with us since 2011, so we can only assume they have been highly beneficial to his businesses.

Case Study: The Drain Check