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How Long Should a Video Be?

Video Production Brisbane

How Long Should a Video Be?

The final duration of a video is often a primary concern for many Gold Coast or Brisbane businesses completing a corporate video production. To figure out the ideal length of your video production, we must first consider the following; where the video is being broadcast/streamed/played/viewed, what the purpose of the video is and who the target audience will be. With that information attained, at Caldwell Entertainment we can provide you with information on what will be the best duration for your Brisbane or Gold Coast video production. So, let’s look at each of these determining factors. 

Regarding where your video production will be broadcast/streamed/played/viewed, some outlets have pre-determined time allocations that your Gold Coast or Brisbane business video production must fit in with. For example, if you are creating a Cinema or TV commercial, your advertisement must be either 15, 30, 45 seconds or 1 minute. 15 or 30 seconds tends to be the most popular timeframes on these platforms. However, some online outlets have similar restrictions but these will all depend on whether your video production is classified as an online ad (to which time restrictions often will apply) or an online video (to which time restrictions often won’t apply but can be a good idea to follow). 

In terms of the purpose of the video, if your video production Brisbane or Gold Coast is an online video that is introducing your business or showcasing a new service or product with a brief overview, a timeframe of 1-3 minutes is viewed as the ideal length. A time window of 90 seconds-2 minutes typically performs best if your video is something like a testimonial or a simple piece to camera for your Gold Coast or Brisbane business. If you are seeking to educate your audience, perhaps on a specific aspect/feature of your product or service a video with a timeframe of 3-5 minutes can be ideal. 

 If you are doing a multi-hour conference or similar, then along with releasing the whole event as a video(s), we can also, and do recommend putting together a number of 1–2-minute highlight videos which can be used for promotional purposes as well as giving your attendees some bite-sized best bits to reflect on. 

Finally, let’s look at the audience for your video production. If your Gold Coast or Brisbane business video production is targeted more towards potential new customers, it shouldn’t really be over 1 minute long. You just want it to spike their interest so they will take the next step, this could be watching other videos, going to your website, connecting with you on social media or getting in touch with you. If the video is targeted more at existing clients it can be a bit longer as trust is already established and there is some knowledge regarding who you are and how you operate. 

 If you’d like to learn more about how long your next Gold Coast or Brisbane video production should run for, feel free to get in touch with us at caldwellentertainment.com.au. 

Caldwell Entertainment is a Gold Coast and Brisbane Video Production Company excelling in the conception, creation and delivery of high quality video content. Our Clients include some of the most recognisable brands both around the world and throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Video Production is one of the most effective marketing tools and we look forward to showing you how it can unleash your Gold Coast or Brisbane Business’ potential. We offer both Live Action and Animation services at our Brisbane and Gold Coast studio. And with prices starting from as little as $180 + GST, there has never been a better time to harness the power of video to grow your Brisbane or Gold Coast business. So get in touch with our team of friendly and professional Gold Coast and Brisbane videographers here at Caldwell Entertainment and let us uncover and showcase your business story through our Video Production.

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