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Go Beyond Just a Music Video With CE - Brisbane Videographers

During 2016, CE is proud to offer free Press Kits for artists doing music videos our Gold or Platinum packages. So, what is a press kit? A press kit is a document that showcases you and/or your band. It includes information such as bios, album reviews and stacks of artwork. These press kits are sent out to various media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, websites and TV. And from the information in these press kits, these outlets can generate a story about you. Let’s have a look at the components that we will be putting into your press kit.

Biography: A detailed biography of you and/or you band members is included. This gives the media a feel for who you are and what you represent. The media love a good back-story and the low down on how you or your band came to be.

High-resolution photo/s of you or your band: This is a key to connecting you and your ideal media outlets. If you are a heavy metal band, we want your photos to represent this so that the heavy metal media outlets can see this. It is very important that the images are high-res so that they can be used in magazines, newspapers etc. We offer photography services, so if you do not have these photos for us, we can take them for you!

Upcoming album: If you have an upcoming album or even single, then including information about it in your press kit is a must. We want to demonstrate to the press that you’ve got big plans for the future.

Live gigs: This is a great opportunity for you to show off plug upcoming gigs and past major gigs. By discussing your future performances with the press, they have more details for your potential audience to engage with you.

Press Reviews/ Interviews/ Quotes (when applicable): If you have done interviews in the past, or received reviews about your work or even have quotes from people that go to your concerts, then these are all great things to include.

Contact Information: This bit of information is crucial. There needs to be some way that someone can get in contact with you if need be. We recommend at least a phone number and/or an email address.

Press kits are essential for getting information on you or your band out to the music industry and press. With our amazing offer of a complementary press kit when you use us for your music video, we will ensure that all you get your name out there.

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