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Do I Need a Storyboard?

Need A Storyboard


We get asked quite often whether or not a Storyboard is needed for planning a video. 

More often than not, the answer is - no. 

But before we get to the details on why the answer is ‘no’, we’ve noticed there’s a lot of confusion for Gold Coast and Brisbane Businesses on what a Storyboard is. 

Let’s clear that up first. 

In the most basic terms, a Storyboard is a visual outline for your video. Think of a comic strip and you’re on the right track. 

A storyboard is made up of a series of (usually sketched) images that convey what is happening in your video from beginning to end and often includes both technical camera and general creative notes about what is occurring within each frame. 

So, why don’t you generally need a storyboard for your Gold Coast or Brisbane Video Production? Put simply, unless specific scenarios are at play, it can be a costly and time consuming process that isn’t matched in benefits provided. 

At Caldwell Entertainment (CE), the scenarios in which we almost always complete a storyboard include: 

Although every Gold Coast and Brisbane Business Video Production is different, generally 50% or more of our live action videos do not need a Storyboard. It’s only in specific instances, like the ones listed above, where the production would benefit from them. 

For more information on storyboards, or how we can use video to tell your story, get in touch with the CE team today! 

Caldwell Entertainment is a leader in Video Production throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our award-winning content is creative, innovative and unique. We are proud of our values, including operating with integrity, honesty and commitment to our clients and the work we do.

We believe video should be accessible to all businesses and artists within Queensland and Australia. As such, we offer affordable, value-driven production packages, starting with Moments at $177. We are passionate about our business and keen to discover how we can grow yours through what we do.

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