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How to Simply Achieve Successful Video Marketing

Video works. It’s a fact recognised by all major businesses and recently, most small & medium ones as well. Businesses are spending more than ever to secure quality content and respected Production Companies such as CE are experiencing growth like never before. However, with many businesses anxious to get great video, they are often over complicating things and ending up with a product that perhaps doesn’t meet all their expectations. Here are a few quick rules to keep in mind when preparing a video:


  1. Keep It Short and Sweet. Research indicates 1-3 minutes is usually the best length for any online gold coast business video. Be sure to address all the points you want to get across in a concise way. If you are needing to get a lot of information across, like a political candidate for example, it is often best to consider multiple videos as you will usually have at least two audiences. The general audience that just wants a brief overview of who you or your business is and the invested audience that wants all the detailed information on the services or products you offer.
  2. Attention Grabbing. Depending on the overall length of the video, you generally have 15-60 seconds in which to engage ('grab') someone's attention. So be sure to begin any videos strong, put the best footage and/or most interesting statements or features at the beginning as well as the end.
  3. Think Different. Don’t create an obvious ad - make something interesting. A large portion of the general public don't trust traditional ads and will tune out when one is presented to them. The best way to combat this is to create something unique - it may tell a story, use animation or be very cinematic. It may also take a more educational or informative approach, telling them how to do something or giving some advice, but subtly suggesting it's just easier to contact your business or organisation.


Please note, the best way to ensure these simple rules are implemented is to utilise the services of a professional production company, like CE, who are used to doing this work regularly and can refer to their past experiences so you’re ensured of a video with greater effectiveness.

Caldwell Entertainment is a creative and innovative video production company brisbane and Gold Coast, specialising in corporate and entertainment videos. With a range of packages, starting from just $490, especially designed for small to medium businesses and entertainment artists, we have the solutions and experience to ensure you have success generating video content no matter what type of video you go with. Whatever your questions, we have the answers, so feel free to get in touch. We love sharing our passion and helping others through video!

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